If the title of the site doesn’t give you a clue as to who I am and what I do read on……….

I’m passionate about TV & Film design and love working behind the scenes on big productions where scripts are read, ideas are exchanged and Worlds are built around me. I’m always blown away the first time I walk on to a completed set . From reading about it, to helping it get made, then walking around it, is something quite special and I feel privileged to be apart of.

I love researching into all the minute details that other departments wouldn’t even think about. I believe that good preparation and organization go a long way in making life in the art department more relaxed and enjoyable place to work.

The Italian Music Room

I have all the necessary skills that are required of and art department assistant and more…

Art Department Skills:
- Graphics / Props Breakdowns
- Location Recces
- Technical Drafting
- Vector Works Drafting
- Set Model Making
- Prop Making
- Freehand Sketching
- Stills Photography
- Marker Rendering

Head to the (Contact) page or give me a call if you’re interested. I’m not tied down to any location and can move anywhere for a production.